NYC Covid-19 resource allocation prediction application

University capstone project| Spring 2021

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This project was the capstone for the computer science Bachelors degree program I completed in 2021.

The requirements of the project were:

  1. Implement one descriptive method and one non-descriptive (predictive or prescriptive) method.
  2. Use of collected or available datasets.
  3. Includes a decision-support functionality related to the non-descriptive method.
  4. Use methods and algorithms supporting data exploration and preparation to make data useable.
  5. Implementation of interactive queries to access specific data.
  6. Include a machine-learning method(s) and algorithm(s) to support the decision making functionality.
  7. Incorporate functionalities that will evaluate the accuracy of the application’s outcome.
  8. Provide an industry-appropriate security features that protects access to the application of data.
  9. Include a tool(s) to monitor the applications functionality for maintenance purposes.
  10. Include a user-friendly, functional dashboard that includes at least three visualization types (not just images) for data exploration and inspection.

This project could be a standalone program, or a web or mobile application. I chose to create a web application using the NextJS framework, hosted on Vercel.

The backend functionality was written in Python using Flask for a lightweight server, and Tensorflow for the machine learning model creation and training.

The dataset came from the publicly-available data api provided by


Looking back now, there are several things I would have changed or added for this project:

  1. Saving the TF model after training so it doesn't need to happen on every request. This takes upwards of 2-3 minutes, which tends to appear as though the request has failed.
  2. Before learning about the above solution for saving & reusing models, I thought about streaming status updates of the model creation/training process on the server, either using WebSockets or Streams.
Screenshot of the Covid-19 resource allocation prediction application by Dave Mozdzanowski


  • Javascript/React
  • Next.js
  • D3/Plotly/Chart.js


  • Python/Flask
  • Tensorflow
  • Google Cloud Platform